Into the heart of Java: Ciamis – Banjar – Majenang – Gombong – Purworejo – Borobudur

Ciamis – Banjar – Majenang – Gombong – Purworejo – Borobudur

Setting off at ten, not quite as early as planned, it was great to be able to see the surrounding countryside. The dark of night had offered no clues and the morning light revealed a brilliantly green world, bathed in sunshine and surrounded by the majestic peaks of West Java. Perfect conditions for the road trip to Borobudur.

In route from Ciamis to Majenang we passed lovely pastoral scenes before joining the South Western Highway towards Yogyakarta.

A long day’s drive later, we finally checked into Sariswati Borobudur an interesting luxurious hideaway located a stone throw from the ancient temple site. After a quick dinner, we set off to explore the neighbouring village although it didn’t take to long to realize that the night end pretty early in these parts. Unlike Siam Reap, the bustling town near the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, it appears that most visitors to Borobudur stay elsewhere, as the streets now quiet with no obvious sign of tourist anywhere. The nearest bar, I was told was 40 kms away in Yogyakarta. I decided to move up to Amanjiwo nearby.

The Amanjiwo must be the most aesthetically pleasing hotel that I’ve visited. Not only is Ed Tuttle’s design and architecture exquisite, the standard of service and attention to detail are second to none. The beauty and splendor of this magnificent structure, coupled with the view from the restaurant terrace of fertile fields of tobacco to the Borobudur complex and sacred Tidar hill beyond is quite spectacular.

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Into the heart of Java: A Driving adventure across country, to borobudur and back Part 1

Java is a very beautiful island that you should see for yourself. Here is an inspiring beutiful story written based on an adventure driving experience to the heart of java.

Bangkok – Jakarta – Bandung – Garut
I succumbed to a rare vision of delight upon waking in bangkok with the sunrise. My Excitement was due to the approaching chance of fullfiling one of my life’s ambitions – driving through the mystical heart of Java towards the magnificent temple of Borobudur. Mydawn flight from Suvarnabhumi to Soekarno-Hatta airport marked the beginning of motoring excursion that would take me from jakarta to Central Java and back again in three days.

The few friends who had made exploratory trips into Central Java had brought back tales of a stunning, majestic and raw landscape, dominated by active, dormant and extinct volcaanoes, exquisitely sculpted padi fields, vast coffee, palm oil and rubber plantations and isolated, almost medieval villages set on lush slopes and valleys. I couldn’t wait to see it for myself.

Another source of excitement was the choice of steed for the expedition, a handsome anthracite black BMW X5 3.0i. In my mind, this sport utility vehicle really looks the business – sporty, stylish and luxurious – with an air of elegant understatement.

As the daylight began to fade, the heavens gushingly opened and suddenly we were driving through thick swarms of flying ants – the annual sign that the monsoon rains have arrived. On unknown roads in the dense Java night, things could get interesting. Four rather exciting hours later – it was my first introduction to the mesh of javanese traffic maneuvers – we arrived safely in the hotels that have sprung around the springs of garut. Our accomodation for the night was the area’s first and most established hotel, the Tirtagangga Gitamaya, where after some steming nasi goreng and a quick stroll to walk off dinner, we called in early – the next day promised to be quite a drive and I was eager to get started as early as possible.

To be continued

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Escape in Jakarta

Living in a city like jakarta is indubitably exciting. But it is certainly necessary to escape from the capitol from time to time.

Whether this be atrip to vineyards in renowned Margaret River near Perth, a wild night out in Hongkong, a road trip around mystical Java or a visit to Bali's elephant playground, the journey is easier than you think. Located between holiday-destination packed Southeast Asia and attractive land 'down under', tha capital of Indonesia is the perfect starting point for great gateways to both local and foreign horisons.

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